This aint no ordinary clubhouse, folks

Phelps Mansion in Binghamton – Who knew??  A stunning Victorian home, the last of its kind on Court St.  A business owner and at one point Mayor, Sherman Phelps had it built in 1870, and it had lots of state of the art things for the time, like gas fireplaces, and shutters that slide into the wall! Woah!  Anyway, in 1905, the Monday Afternoon Club purchased it, and it’s recently been dubbed a museum, so the public can finally get in there and see all of the amazing original features of the house.  I definitely poked into every nook and cranny, oh– and also talked to a bird in a cage that turned out to be fake.

One of my favorite things was this wallpaper.

I went there on Sunday to perform lute songs with Elizabethan Conversation. They hold a Sunday concert series (complete with a budget…yay!), and the whole experience was surprising.  I definitely recommend popping in to see the house if you are in the area!

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