What to expect when you’re singing (and expecting)…

Warning: Don’t be a soprano if you want to procreate. The most annoying pregnancy symptom of all: plugged ears. No, not the friendly kind where you can yawn a few times, and pop them, or plug your nose and blow…. I’m talking 10 hours later they are still plugged…Darth Vader has been breathing into your ears… and what should be a physical ailment has become an emotional problem. That kind of plugged. It happens during and after singing. Apparently my resonance is amazing, the best ever.
I guess I wont practice? I’m glad I didn’t get pregnant in college or I would have failed… I’m also glad I didn’t get pregnant in college for other reasons.

3 responses to “What to expect when you’re singing (and expecting)…”

  1. Hi Rebecca!

    I came upon your lovely website and blog. Congrats on the baby. I’m doing well, living in Philadelphia and splitting my career between performing music and teaching yoga! Life is good. Give Joel my best.


  2. Thanks for the warm wishes, Rachel:) Glad to hear you’re doing well!

  3. That’s a mordebl-aker. Great thinking!

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