Jory to the world!

IMG_7038.JPGLast night I attended the NYS Baroque concert featuring Harpsichord player Jory Vinikour performing Bach’s Goldberg Variations.  A wonderful concert – what a talent, also charming, and the audience was quite spellbound for the 90 minutes straight that he played from memory.  I was late- I had a good excuse though, an audition for Opera Ithaca (check them out, a new company!) So I missed the first 30 minutes, and the pew creaked horribly as I sat down, familiar grey-haired concert-goers looking back with disapproval.  It was a sweet evening – an old man in Carhartts bopping up and down during cheery musical moments, and Everett’s pediatrician was there, eyes closed just taking it all in (he is a keyboard player in addition to a doctor – badass). Vinikour is nominated for a Grammy, go Jory!

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